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Here are the links to each rec list. Attn: New Tumblr cleared out all of my links on this page. Emma and Killian share a passion filled night that was supposed to be a one time thing. Her life was too complicated for it to be any more than that. When she realizes she is pregnant all those notions are tossed out the window when she calls Killian to let him know. She is pleasantly surprised to find he wants to very much be part of her life and take care of their child. Emma Swan needs to be married by 30 in order to receive the money from her trust fund and save her failing business. Killian Jones is the thief who just tried to rob her store. Now, almost a century later, Emma Swan is a college senior in New Orleans and trapped between a debate between fate and free will.

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Is there anything more magical than a wedding? Killian and Emma have proven their True Love many times—sacrificing for each other, choosing each other, fighting for each other, supporting each other, and making each other happy when they thought happiness might not be in the cards for them anymore. The way the scene shifted from playful and flirtatious to suddenly sincere stopped me in my tracks, and it made me realize that what Emma Swan truly deserved in a partner was exactly what Killian Jones was offering her in that moment and would continue to offer her from them on : someone who would love her for everything she is and would patiently wait for her to let him see the true Emma behind her armor.

The first kiss 3.

In the end, Morrison was hired for the part of Emma. Emma, she thinks, “What a year-old boy would do? Ugly Duckling”, and that Emma’s last name Swan is derived from this fairy tale.

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Hook is undeniably the character with both the most swagger and the most eyeliner, which seem to be his two greatest assets, and while Emma Swan certainly deserves her happily ever after like any other hero, she’s had some major less-than-redeeming moments on the show. Some fans wonder if Emma’s character gradually tainted over the years, between her rotten decision-making and selfishness, in order to level down with Hook’s past dastardly deeds. There has to be some reason why Storybrooke’s savior put her own son on the back burner for some pirate romance, right?

Sure, they’re healthier together than, say, Regina and Graham or Zelena and Robin, but they’ve definitely gone against one another’s wishes, caused each other harm over the years and generally got away with some pretty nefarious deeds, no matter their intentions. Regardless, the undeniable chemistry between actors Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue made this a must-watch couple for countless Once Upon a Time fans.

Little does Emma know that one spark could set ablaze everything, but how could Summary: Sealed away and put to sleep nearly years ago, Summary: SwanQueen/AU/No Magic/RealWorld Emma and Regina meet.

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Emma Swan : Just because you believe something doesn’t make it true. Henry Mills : That’s exactly what makes it true. You should know more than anyone.

And yet, Captain Swan is one of those couples that has never truly left, You can always choose to put aside your vendetta and try something.

Originally posted by swanscaptn. You smirked a little and paused your game, turning around to face the blonde beauty, sitting up on your knees you looked into the forest green eyes. Emma smiled slightly and locked you lips together. She bounced lightly next to you, fake anger lighting her face, her brows furrowed and her lips in a tight line. She just stared at you with an annoyed expression. You grabbed the control and pressed play, leaning back against the couch cushion, your gaze fixed at the TV.

The blonde huffed and crossed her arms across her chest. A devilish smile grazed her lips when she realized where your attention had gone. Blushing, you tried to advert your gaze, but was forced to keep looking into her eyes by the hold she had on you. The kiss started off soft and gently, but soon hands were grasping and the kiss got more heated. Grasping a demi clad ass, you squeezed, dragging her onto your lap. Emma moaned and put a knee at each side of your thighs, fully straddling you. You keep kneading at her ass, loving the little gasps and moans that she let out.

Emma sat back on your thighs, looking smugly at you.

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The main character of the series, this unique, beautiful, strong original fairy tale creation is their greatest hero, and along with Killian Jones, their greatest character. But even beyond the series, Emma Swan will forever be one of the most remarkable characters of all time, from her profound and moving journey and development, to the impeccable performance by Jennifer Morrison, the resulting gratitude, joy and inspiration is indeed boundless. She represents that ideal balance while still remaining ever realistic.

And from the brilliantly profound performance and choices of Morrison, to the storytelling and writing, and even the costumes and iconic imagery of her character, Emma Swan truly is remarkable.

Being Emma’s daughter and dating Regina would include Like mother, Like daughter (Emma Swan x Daughter!Reader) Part I // Part II · Fate is a pain in the.

Emma Swan ‘s Volkswagen Beetle drives into the emerald-tinted forest. The Fairy tells them that there was nothing she can do except try to save the baby and that someday everything will be okay This was not the answer that Snow wanted, but Charming keeps on assuring her that everything will be okay. Snow looks at Emma’s crib and believes the only thing her daughter will have is hope.

While he and Mr. Smee attempt to find a way off the island, Hook is unaware that someone has been following them, and uses a branch that takes Smee out. Hook looks at his unconscious mate and is surprised by Tinker Bell, who pulls out a knife in front of him. However, Hook, figuring out that Tinker Bell is a fairy, tells her that he has only one thing on his mind, which is to seek revenge on Rumplestilskin.

He offers her a bottle of rum. At Rumplestiltskin’s castle, Rumple is marking Baelfire’s birthday, and Belle approaches him.

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In entertainment, and especially, in fandom, we live and die by them. Once Upon A Time ended a few years ago. There are many reasons for such a phenomenon. Sometimes two actors just click. The one that makes you not just care about two fictional characters, but rejoice in their happiness.

Check out Once Upon A Time: Hook, Emma Swan, Regina, and Robin Hood If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller Each 6″ scale action figure features an incredible likeness and includes.

Morning snuggles. Killian teasing the two of you. Emma brushing her hand across your shoulder as she walks by. Her picking up on your little habits and going all detective on you. Her being overprotective about little things. Telling her to take a day off. Having an awkward conversation with David about Emma.

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